MICE IS is the first book by Tatiana Spurnova, Olga Levsha, and MaxMedium Agency dedicated to the MICE industry.


For those who work in the hospitality, MICE and Event industry: for travel and event managers, executives and representatives of agencies, for Clients, contractors, and other participants of the industry


Tatiana Spurnova, CEO at MaxMedium

Tatiana got her education in UK, where she majored in Business Studies and Contract Law. Her career began in the air travel and tourism industry in the United Arab Emirates. On her return to Russia, Tatiana first entered the advertising business, then the event industry. Tatiana has more than 16 years of experience in the event industry, of these more than 10 years as a successful manager of her own agency — MaxMedium Group, specializing in turnkey event/MICE services. Tatiana is a member of the expert editorial board of the magazine, head of the NAOM International Committee, member of the AKMR Event Committee.

Olga Levsha, Managing Director at MaxMedium

Olga graduated from the People's Friendship University in Moscow, Russia, where she majored in criminal law. She started her career in the legal profession and progressed from forensic lab assistant to assistant investigator at the prosecutor's office. Since 2000, she works in the event business, since 2002 together with Tatiana Spurnova, first at the advertising agency Profilm, and since 2004 as Managing Director at MaxMedium founded by Tatiana. Over the years of her work at MaxMedium, Olga has been successfully combining MICE and EVENT directions, being the key asset of the agency and an expert in these areas.


"We had an active role in writing the history of the MICE industry in Russia and shared our experiences with colleagues at conferences, organized networking breakfasts and round tables for customers, and taught students at the event–school basics of organizing MICE projects. The quintessence of our experience is in the book you are holding in your hands. Already in the preparation stage of the book, it became clear that we have something to say, and not only to MICE agencies. Five hundred of projects completed by us around the world– this means five hundred internal reports and as many feedback forms from our customers and all stakeholders. We are willing to share this experience and knowledge with the readers"

Tatiana Spurnova, Olga Levsha

In this book you will find:
Useful practical tips from our experience sheets
Tear–off work sheets for each and every stage of a MICE project
And, of course, authentic stories based on our experience, both amusing and instructive. We have something to remember!
Expand the boundaries of your event geography to embrace the entire world – and dive into the MICE industry!


For travel and event managers, executives and representatives of agencies, for Clients, contractors, and the broadest possible audience involved in the process of organizing services for the event, MICE and hospitality industry


The book MICE IS presents unique solutions and methods, non–standard situations that the authors encountered in their practice. The book has a tear–off format combining a book and a workbook presenting practical MICE technologies – readers can use the tear–off forms in their daily work
The book has been published in 2 languages — Russian and English.


English version is coming soon!

INTENSIVE COURSE "MICE IS"– the intensive course MICE IS combines three workshops on various topics:

MICE IS. Technologies

How to organize a high–class off–site event: tools, adjusting the agency's procedures/team

MICE IS for Clients

Everything the Client needs to know: how to set up interaction with the agency, how to correctly set goals and objectives of the event. What is the customer's role in the event: how to make the work on the project as efficient as possible, how to supervise the agency, how to evaluate the results

MICE IS for regional destinations

How to become an attractive destination for / service provider to MICE projects

«MICE is one of the most exciting parts of the event planning business. And this book is one of the most inspiring sources for event planners. Take this book on the road, read it on the plane, on the beach, or when having coffee at an exhibition – you will find it useful everywhere!»

Alexander Shumovich


«Thank you for the book, Tatiana! I would call it a user manual. I read it in one breath. It is very well structured and easy to understand – for me, someone who has worked in the MICE industry for many years, and for newcomers alike. I wish a reference book written in a similar format were available in 2009-2012, when I often had to teach beginners in this business. Now you can simply recommend this book as an introductory course. Corporations, those who order events, prepare briefs, make decisions will also find this book useful. I would also like to highlight that it comes with many examples from the practice and the essential forms. I loved the inspection checklist. It would be great if it were available in an electronic format as well, for example as a link for downloading. Thank you!»

Yakov Adamov

Marriott International, MICE Manager

«This book is highly recommended to those who have recently joined the MICE industry. We are all sick and tired of theory not supported by practice. But Tatiana Spurnova and Olga Levsha have given us, the readers, the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of organizing high-class events, including the smallest details that we are ignorant of at the very beginning of the career. I am convinced that this book will also serve industry professionals as an excellent tool for solving many problems. It is no doubt fine to learn from own mistakes, but it is wiser to follow others' experience and adopt it in one's own practice. Many thanks to the authors for their valuable advice. We are pushing the boundaries with you!»

Alina Grishina


«I have read the book - it's no doubt powerful stuff... Not a textbook, but after reading it you become a top-class professional if you have your head screwed on the right way. Another thing I liked and want to note is that you can start reading it from virtually any page by opening those chapters that are relevant to you.»

Vladislav Metreveli

Executive Director, NAOM

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